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Altyn emel - symphony of sand and stone
State National Park «Altyn Emel» — one of the richest treasures of Jungar Alatau. Unique natural environment is the repository of archaeological, historical and cultural monuments, rare and endangered species of plants and animals. Every corner of the park will definitely make fond memories of Kazakhstan!
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    Horse tour. Forest carousel
    Extreme horse route leading up to the hill through the gorge Oj-Karagaj only at first glance seems short and easy. In fact, 40 minutes of extreme sport in the gorge will cause you have a storm of indescribable sensations and adrenaline. You’ll have to go through a boar’s pond on the bridge of fallen trees, climb steeply up the hill and then go down the narrow path between the trees.
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      Horse tour. Kingdom "Ala-Buka"
      The two-hour horse trail up the hill on the Ala Buka area opens to you all the beauty of the Ile-Alatau National Park.
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        Horse tour. Surroundings of fairy tale
        A leisurely one hour horse trail on flat terrain is ideal for the detailed study of the surrounding area and the beauty of Ile-Alatau National Park for whole family. To participate in the passage of the route allowed the children (over 10 years) with their parents. On route the group will enjoy a picturesque meadow with wild flowers, will pass by the house of the National Park gamekeepers, and take some photos against the gorge, numerous shrubs and trees, hawthorn, wild rose and apple trees.
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          Horse tour. Visiting the fairy tale
          Four-hour horse ride on a new route Oj - Karagaj - Kabanie lake lets to experience true solitude with nature. You can visit the unspoilt, beautiful places of the gorge Oj-Karagaj.
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            Horse tours on Turgen Gorge
            Turgen gorge of Trans-Ili Alatau, the territory of Ile-Alatau State National Natural Park. Everyone is familiar with the charms of this place: waterfalls, hot springs, coniferous and mixed forests, alpine and sub-alpine meadows, lakes and springs.

            We offer you a fascinating journey on horseback, to plunge into these relict Chin Turgen spruces, to meet with representatives of wildlife such as goats, rabbits, foxes.

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              Kolsay – emerald necklace of Tien-Shan
              Three days of exciting journey that will give you pleasure and allow to touch the pristine beauty of Kazakh land! The majestic beauty of the mountains, reflected on the calm surface of the lake, known as the «Pearl of the Northern Tien Shan», spruce forests, alpine meadows captivate visitors.
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                Turgen - delight in just a day
                Unique journey through the Turgen gorge will give you the opportunity to feel like real archaeologists, fishermen and enjoy the magical beauty of these places, especially the famous Bear Waterfall.
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                  Wizard Charyn
                  The majestic beauty of Charyn Canyon is a «highlight» of the land of Kazakhstan. The incredible power of the high canyon walls and bizarre forms of mountain ridges of different ages and origins stretched for 154 miles along one of the deepest rivers of the Northern Tien Shan — Charyn River. This treasury of unforgettable memories will stay in your memory for a long time.
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