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Chasing the sun
The best rout of the year 2012, wich is still lives in the memories of all the participants of last year’s trophy expedition to Mount Ketmen.
  • Tour duration: Two days
Price: on request
From dawn to dusk
This is one of the most beautiful and memorable trip, the 3rd category of difficulty (high degree of complexity), and to passage it at first you need pass Kaskelen gullies routes and get instructors admission.
  • Tour duration: One day
Price: on request
Kazakh roller-coaster
A steep terrain, which starts after 10 minutes drive from the start point, remained you about the 2nd category of difficulty. Special plots with increased level of complexity attaches to this route flavor and sensation of participant of trophy raid. It will be plenty of fords, oblique slopes, steep slopes, trenches and many different surprises on this off-road rout.
  • Tour duration: One day
Price: 80.00 USD
If you prefer to spend the weekend extremely, this offer is for you! We offer to you river rating of any category of complexity o rivers such as Ili, Chilik, Turgen and so on.
    Price: 20.97 USD
    Rout #36
    It’s novelty of a season. This route starts for rental at the first time and has a higher category of difficulty. You will appreciate it.
    • Tour duration: One day
    Price: on request
    The off-road conqueror
    It’s a special, spicy dish, which served hot and flavoured with a sauce of the most complicated special areas and a variety of wetland traps
    • Tour duration: One day
    Price: on request