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The Green Pastures of Trans-Ili Alatau

tinerary for one day

Difficulty: Easy-Medium

Time on the route: 5–8 hours

Route: Almaty — «Mountain Sun» children’s camp — Kok Zhailau gorge

— Three Brothers pass — Kumbel peak (3200m)

— returning the same way — «Mountain Sun» children’s camp — Almaty

Tour Schedule*:

Breakfast at the hotel

9 am — Departure from the hotel

9:30–10:00 — the beginning of the active part

13:00–14:00 — Plateau «Kok Zhailau»

16:30–17:00 — the end of the active part

18: 00–18: 30. -.Return to the hotel

* — Possible changes in the route schedule, both towards the increase and the reduction of the time.

The cost includes:

- guide services;

- guide assistant services;

- translation services (available on request in Chinese, Spanish, German).

** — Without the need for an interpreter the cost of the tour is to be recalculated.

You will need the following things:

- Trekking / mountain boots;

- Warm pants (Polar, fleece);

- A warm sweater / jacket (Polar, fleece);

- Gortex jacket / raincoat;

- Lightweight pants / shorts;

- a spare T-shirt;

- Panama / cap for the sun;

- Lightweight gloves;

- Sports / warm socks;

- Sunglasses;

- Sunscreen (50SPF);

- Backpack (25 liters);

- Telescopic sticks;

- flashlight;

- warm hat;

- An individual set of medicines (according to your needs);


- Snacks, nuts (if desired, you can take anything you want);

- 1 liter of water

- Thermos


Special climbing equipment is not required

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